A thousand years ago Civilization collapsed. The basic stuff that kept people goin failed and our species was cast into what’s bein' called a post-industrial stone-age or The Fall.

It’s the year 3100 and we’re back in space.

There were colonies all over the solar system that got left alone when civilization went khokh up. Whole societies were instantly cut off from the rest of the Universe and left to their own devices. And it's funny the things people get up to during a power outage. Imagine a power outage that lasted for a thousand years. Things get ugly.

We’re the Human Recconection Project. Our job is to find these societies and protect ‘em from The Corporation. Or themselves.

Our leader is Isra Jicarillo. She’s the strong quiet sort. She’s got a mind like a steel trap, by which I mean it’s likely to leave you bloody and screamin' if you step wrong.

Our medic is Althea Fallon. She's got a soft spot, but don't think that she is some weak, fragile little thing. See, because the minute you think that, she's already made off with your wallet.

Cronus just joined. Don’t know 'bout him yet. He’s brilliant but as shifty as a spaceship hitting sky.

And I’m Viekko Spade. Warrior of the Martian Steppes. At least I used to be. Hit a bit of a rough patch recently. But I can still handle a gun.

These worlds, they ain’t seen nobody from Earth for a thousand years and they ain’t always so keen when we show up.

But we’re comin anyway...

Ruins of Empire...

Is a Serial Podcast Novel by author Jeremy L. Jones. The first season was released in April of 2018. Season 2 began in November of 2019 and is currently in progress with a new chapter being released every week. You can find both seasons at: https://cityofgeeks-network.podiant.co/ruinsofempire/

Now Available

Saturnius Mons

The battle for the future of humanity begins on Titan.

A Corporation ship has landed on Saturn's largest moon. It's mission is to exploit the world's vast resources and enslave a society made up of people from a long lost Terrestrial colony. Before it is too late, Viekko Spade, a warrior from the Martian steppes and his fellow explorers must end Corporate ambitions on the moon before it can spread to the rest of the solar system.

But there is a dark secret hidden inside the terraformed forests of Titan. Ancient hatreds are building and a religious civil war is on the brink of extinguishing all human life on the moon. It's a race against time to unite the warring tribes on Titan against the Corporation military forming outside its city's walls. But nothing on Titan is as it seems and as the situation devolves into bloody chaos the choice must be made. Give in to the Corporation's demands or continue to fight and risk the life of every person on the moon.

Templum Veneris

Isra Jicarrio, the leader of the Human Recconection Project, discovers a utopian society surviving on the highest mountains of Venus. She and the rest of her team and welcomed as honored guests by the city's authoritarian ruler, Rainha Isabel. She Isra work to forge an alliance between Venus and Earth.

Hidden among the gleaming white city and its nearly physically perfect inhabitants lies a terrifying truth. And when Althea Fallon, the crew's medic, stumbles on it, it threatens to tear the team apart. As rebel forces plot inside the city and armies rise beyond and Isra becomes more and more entranced by Isabel, the rest of the team must make a choice. Follow Isra to their death or stand and fight against her.

Ruins of Empire Podcast

A free serialized audio version of the Ruins of Empire series read by the author and produced by City of Geeks.

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Saturnius Mons Audiobook

Audio version of Saturnius Mons read by the author. Produced by Shaun Vincent and City of Geeks.

Estimated Release Date: Winter 2019